The Best i Phone Apps 2019

Best I Phone apps

If you use this I phone, then it is very important to read and watch this article. Having lots of different types of apps in your Apple Store. But we brought you 5 free best i phone apps that you can use in your I phone without any problem. Which you can download free of cost through your Apple Store. So now we move without spending time like our 5 best i phone apps.

Here are 5 best i phone apps in front of you

Best I Phone apps

1. WhatsApp

This is a very famous communicative you, it is being used by every person who has a smart phone. It has many features such as you can send photo video documents and messages to any of your friends or family members, you can also talk through the message in it. And you can also take advantage of call video call in it. This is one of the best i phone apps, you can download it through Apple Store without any problem.

Best I Phone apps

2. Google Duo

This is also a very good app, this app is used for video calling and this app has good quality from the rest of the video calling apps.  You can download this app from the Apple Store, that too for free, you can avail the benefits without paying. So go and download this app now and talk to your friends on video calling.

Best I Phone apps

3. Facebook

Facebook are very popular and this is a very old app, you can enjoy it also for free, you can use it on Apple store and Google too. You can also talk to him in this app, which you do not know. And you can also like photo video status. It has many types of features and new features are brought to it as soon as possible. It has been made by Mark Zuckerberg and was launched on 4 February 2004.


4. Instagram

It was produced by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, and was launched exclusively on iOS in October 2010. This is a social media app, you can also take advantage of it absolutely free and you can download it through the Apple Store. You can also talk to your friends in it through massaging and calls and you can also like photo videos and comment on them. And this is one of the best i phone apps.


5. YouTube

YouTube is also a very good you, you can watch videos of your choice on it, it is also absolutely free but you will need internet. And if you like the video, you can also like it and comment it and share it with anyone. You can also subscribe to the kind of video you want to watch. This is one of the best phone apps, you can download it from the Apple Store very comfortably.

These are the best i phone apps and you can enjoy them.


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