How to Block Number in i Phone and Android

How to block number

A phone number can be blocked if you want to avoid a particular number like the calls from it services. Advertisements from various comprises. The process of blocking a phone calls, messages and other communications can help us to avoid people who misuse our number. A Number can be blocked both in ios and Android phones. There are two ways to do it which are called “Call Barring” and “Call Blocking” and we show you how to block number. Read this article and you will understand how to block number.

Call Barring means that you will get you phone network to prevent calls from arriving to your number. call blocking happens on the phone it self and will make the unwanted call invisible, silent or will send it to the voicemail directly. This is also called Call Rejection.

How to Block Number on iPhone

How to block number

  • Steps to Block a call on iPhone.

First of all open the settings on your iPhone and tap on phone. then further click on calls and top on can blocking and identification and then select the contact and click block contact. If the number is not known the simply click from the opened phone app. Top on icon in front of the number which is to be blocked then click block these types of calls. These result is this number can be blocked on the iPhones.

How to Block Number on Android

How to block number

To block a call on an android phones, follow the steps.

If  you are using a android stock this is the method.

  • Open the phone app of Android.
  • Click on the settings option.
  • Then Click the blocked numbers and add the number you want to block it later choose the number that not is your contact list and that is inappropriate number by clicking on block.You can also block by clicking a simple clicking on phone manager app. then clicking on blocked. Then press the number blacklist and add the number to be blocked or a spam number.
Main Information For How to Block Number


Also we shared the main Information regarding the issues we can block standard 10 digital North American phone numbers with the block unwanted callers feature it can not be block to all free numbers. Also using 60. when does are even 60 to block unwanted calls and block your all landline calls from telephone.

Thus as per reached to our provided all information regarding this issue of call blocking and same explain as such a simple issues of consumer. The blocking a number is a given feature in every smartphone which can be used for a multiple reasons. People can also used this option for their cyber safety to avoid calls messages from the people who have wrongfully required our number. The feature is given quite simply and can be used easily for everyone to blocking the calls . You must have understood this by reading this article how to number.


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