Best Games For Android

Best games for android

Get your gaming on the go with the  5 Best Games For Android 

Best games for android many  types of games but i say about best games for android games is enjoy platform its not be serious we are play games for enjoy and don’t sack unlimited games. Many games is very amazing and very popular and now children is crazy for games. Today i am talking about best games for android.We also know that some best game can be play without internet connection many best games can also be download form  play store.  Many games required to internet and some games for free. Now mostly heavy games required to internet connection. This world of android phone has made children crazy for now days. Even small children also learn to read and wrote takes but android phone are learned first. If you are also found of game here. We are going to tell you about the best games of android with addictive graphics.

Lets put a look on this list

Best games for android

Best Games For Android its best game pubg now its trending

  1. PUBG

Pubg game in a trend now days its most popular game in our world. Germany,Russia,South Korea  Japan Consecutive places after the top contenders. Player unknown’s Battleground is an online multiplayer battle royal game. It is no 1 trending game. Children are very crazy about this game. In the game up to 100 players on an island and scavenge for weapons. The available safe area of the game is decreasing in size over time. The last player or team standing wins the round and get winner winner chicken dinner.

  • Ratings— 4.6
  • Reviews—18 M


Candy Crush Saga

It  is a amazing its full of free game not to required to internet connection easy to play. It is not a simple game and highest level is 3777 its a very hard game. Many types of Candy in a game. Candy Crush Saga is a free to play match three puzzle video game released by king on April 12,2012. This is a match three  game where the care game play is based on swapping two adjust candies among several on the game board as to make a row Candies. This is a very addictive game even adults. Candy Crush is offline game and full of free game.

  • Ratings—4.5 Star
  • Reviews—25 M



Clash of Clans

This is on online multiplayer game in which players form communities called clans, train resources. This  game is very addictive as children are ready to avoid the food against the game. So, Clash of Clams is one of the best games for android. Clash of clan is a free mobile strategy video game developed and published by finish game developer super cell.The game was released for IOS Platforms on August 2 2012 and on play store on October 7 2013.

  • Rating- 4.6 Star
  • Reviews- 49 M


Best Games For Android

Bid wars

This game is auctioned and trying to deal with the biggest bid by playing the most bid. By doing this around the world you get good points in the game. Bid Wars is a very popular game of android smart phones. Bid means bidding and wars Corrosion. Jung for the quote there is something similar is this game. This is a good game for android and those interested in bidding it will proved addictive and interesting.

  • Ratings-4.5 Star
  • Reviews- 2 M



Sniper strike

Sniper strike game is also a fighting game. In this game, too many weapons and enemies have to many weapons. In by using all your powers and cross the level. This is a great fighting game In this game you need to have accurate mind to win. Now days  young people of android user like to play such a fighting game. Tricks and strategies are required in the gym sniper strike is a perfect game for such people please tell you that this game has also been chosen  as the best games for android of the year 2019. its online game required to internet connection.

Ratings-4.6 Star


Best Games for android

All is best games for android but now is trending Pubg mobile very popular game.and same heavy game to required to internet connection and same games all of free games. Thank you

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